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Tonight is our last meeting and it's a combined coaches and managers meeting and the last one of the year and Elias and Allan would like to attend to discuss first the Junior Presentation- Your hamper, Times, New setup(weather permitting) and much more plus other matters within the club. See you there
Registrations for the Under 12 Junior League Western Sydney Development Camp is now OPEN! Register at: Or
Hi all, We need help if you are available tomorrow from 7am to 2.30pm in the canteen at Ringrose Park. It's the Battle of the West so if you're free come down
Congratulations to my C-grade side on claiming the 2016 premiership, you all fought hard to take what is yours and I am so proud of the way you played for each other. Now onwards and upwards, let's be the best in the west. Let's go WENTY!! Some photos of the game complimentary of Andrew Aupaau Mendoza
All grounds are closed for training tonight but games will go ahead tomorrow as per posts and emails sent out. There will be a change to games played on Merrylands top field as it is now closed. Will inform you as soon as we are informed by PJRL.
Post game thoughts for coaches and parents… When upset, give yourself 24 hours before making any comments to each other or posting on social media. In almost every case your emotional perspective changes and what seemed really important may not be necessary or critical. Even after 24 hours, filter your posts through – do these words serve our athlete and the team or just my own interests? We are all part of the team... exhibit loyalty, courage and leadership…no public messages, no messengers when you can go face to face.
All grounds are closed they will be inspected again on Friday and we will be advised if they will open for the weekends games.
Att All at Wenty, This weekend your team managers will be asking for a gold coin donation for Beyond Blue and Mental Health awareness week. Each team has been asked to raise a minimum of $30 as Parra DJRLFC has set every club a target. All players will wear one blue sock one wenty sock this weekend too. Let's get behind this For further info please contact Allan McGowan or John Burns. Please read below: Please help us raise the Awareness and Tear Down the Stigma associated around Mental Health by supporting our Mental Health Round over the weekend 6th -7th August Did you know each year, approximately one in every five Australians will experience a mental illness. And that 12% 13-17 year olds reported having thought about suicide, while 4.2% had actually made a suicide attempt. This coming weekend 6-7 August, every player in the Parramatta Junior League, from U6 through to A Grade will wear 1 Blue sock as we high light this major issue within our community. These socks will be issued to

Please be advised that effective immediately are the below Code of Conduct penalties


The Parramatta Junior League Board has endorsed and the NSWJLA has endorsed these penalties across the board for all districts.


COACHES/ TRAINERS/ MANAGERS/ SPECTATOR (are reported for abusing a referee)
1. 1st Offence – 6 month Ban from all/ any official duties in Rugby League
2. 2nd Offence – 12 month Ban from all/ any official duties in Rugby League
3. 3rd Offence – Life Ban from Rugby League

CLUBS (club responsible for individuals found guilty, can be separate incidents)
1. 1st Offence - $2000 suspended fine
2. 2nd offence – suspended fine plus $2000
3. 3rd Offence - $5000 fine

1. 1st Offence – 6 matches
2. 2nd Offence – 6 month ban
3. 3rd Offence – 12 month ban

Wentworthville United JRLFC 2017 Coaching Coordinator Applications are out and can now be picked up from Ringrose Park or by emailing Allan McGowan at for your copy. We are looking for a Mini,Mod and International Coaching Coordinators. Job description is available. All applications need to be by Sunday the 23rd of October.
Wentworthville United JRLFC 2017 Coaching Applications are out and can now be picked up from Ringrose Park or by emailing Allan McGowan at for your copy. All applications need to be in by Sunday the 23rd of October.
All Grounds will stay closed and with the amount of rain we've had all Council grounds will be inspected tomorrow for a decision on them opening for the weekend.
Wenty Magpies Social Club Annual Golf Day - Friday 26th August 2016 It has a new venue, this year it will be held @ Cumberland Country Golf Club. You will get a BBQ Breakfast + Lunch + Presentation + Raffles and an Auction. Start organising your teams Email your teams to More details will follow soon.
Due to overwhelming response from teams that donated hampers we have a first,second and third prize. The following teams have won a pizza night with 1st getting $75 voucher and 2nd and 3rd getting a $50 pizza voucher. Congrats to the following teams 1st 17-2s, 2nd 12-4s and 3rd 6-4s please ring Bakos on 0419 228 085 when you would like to order your pizza.