Wenty Weekly Wrap-Up 2018

Wentworthville 46 – Winston Hills 4

We kicked off and Winston Hills posted in their first and only try of the match. The girls played an outstanding game. Our forwards ran onto the ball making their runs devastating and hard to stop. Saviour and Elena made some great metres. Esei posted in 3 tries, Phoenix 4 tries and Tauaiupolu 1 try. Azalea converted 4/5 tries, Charleez converted 2/2 and Tameka converted 1/1 as well. We had 6 out of 9 players contribute to the points.

The defensive effort by the girls was amazing. Our wingers Tameka and Hemu denied any further tries down the edge and our middles weren’t letting anyone through. Hemu came out of her shell and tackled anything that was coming at her. The girls really lifted in the second half closing out the game.

It was a tremendous effort by all the girls. The coaching staff, parents and I are so proud of you. Congratulations on your win and the great sportsmanship you displayed after the game.
(Phoenix, Elena Tauaiupolu, Charleez, Azalea, Tameka, Saviour, Esei and Hemu).
Thank-you to our parents for your continued support and my AMAZING Coaching Staff.

Captain: Elena Paa. Vice Captain: Phoenix Lamese
Player of the match: Esei Ofa
Best Defender: Hemu Matagi- Collinson

Coach: Serena Pumipi. Manager: Kaylyn Pumipi Trainers: Junior Pumipi & Brandon Pumipi